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L.A. Noire: New Screen Shots

L.A.Noire Logo

L.A Noire, the detective / crime RPG set in 1940′s Los Angeles is set to become another best seller for developers Rockstar if their previous games are anything to go by.

L.A. Noire will feature plenty of action in the form of car chases and shoot-outs, But there’s more to good game-play mechanics than those alone, L.A. Noire’s game-mechanics of creating gameplay out of interactions with players is groundbreaking stuff, you’ll need to observe your suspects and analyze their every move, and know when the right time time to confront them with any evidence you have against them. These game play mechanics are possible because L.A. Noire uses Motionscan technology.

L.A. Noire Phelps_Aquires_info

Phelps Aquires Info

L.A. Noire_Phelps confronts a suspect

Phelps confronts a suspect

L.A.Noire_Phelps Questions a suspect

Phelps questions a suspect

L.A.Noire Guilty Man

The face of a guilty man

L.A. Noire’s release date is 15th April 2011 and is available for Pre-Order on Xbox 360 & PS3

Edited On 17 Jan, 2011

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