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The Walking Dead to shuffle, grab, moan onto consoles?

Just so we’re clear, zombies are walking a very fine between entertaining and overused right now. The world and it’s dog know that a game/comic/movie featuring zombies/vampires/ninjas/pirates is going to make money regardless of it’s quality or lack thereof, so you could be forgiven for approaching any zombie related media with a degree of cynicism.

Thank goodness, then, for AMC’s The Walking Dead. Based on the graphic novels of the same name, The Walking Dead does what many thought impossible and reminds us that zombies are still scary and are still capable of instilling sphincter-slackening amounts of fear in us. The series was perfectly paced, and portrayed a world in the grip of panic, fear and desperation. The survivors were really struggling, trying to make the best of the situation, but knowing that sooner or later they would be attacked and would have to fight, or would have to enter the cities for food or supplies and face the undead hordes. It was tense, gripping stuff from start to finish.

If that kind of tension and atmosphere could be translated into a game, it could turn out to be something really quite special.

Rumours suggest that point-n-click auteurs Telltale might be giving themselves the unenivable task of trying to do just that. Inivitations sent out to the press recently suggested that Telltale would be launching;

“[a new title] based on a just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing life as some know it.”

The Walking Dead sure fits the bill. Whether the rumours are correct, or what type of game it will be, or, well, any other details for that matter are currently unknown, but we’ll find out on February 17th 2011.

If you can think of any other franchises that match their description, I’d love to hear your ideas, but I’d say The Walking Dead is a safe bet.

Keep checking back for more information as and when we get it!

Edited On 23 Jan, 2011

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