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It’s nearly time to dust off your Celestial Brush! (Not a euphemism.) Enter: Okamiden!

There’s a Wii in my house, quivering in the console cupboard under the tele, tucked between two hulking and overused beasts known as the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360, and to be entirely truthful, if my Wii died it’d probably take me about 6 months to notice. I only bought it in the first place because of it’s (at the time) unique motion controls, and unfortunately, never really bonded with it. However, there is one Wii game that sticks in my mind, one game which I would recommend to anyone: Okami.

Okami managed to completely scurry under my radar when it was released on the PlayStation2 in 2007, but for some reason the Wii version made it’s way into my collection, and sat there ignored and neglected for over a year. Nevertheless, insomnia struck one night and the Xbox 360 was having an E74 related nervous breakdown, so I decided to at least give Okami a try. (Mainly because all of my PS3 friends were asleep, and focusing on a crosshair at 5am seemed impossible.)

Let me begin by explaining that I sincerely regret having disregarded Okami, as it is literally one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring titles I have ever come across, and incorporated everything I could wish for in an adventure game. It’s all the best bits of Zelda, offered up to you uniquely in the style of Japanese calligraphy, watercolour art, folklore and legend. It took me over 40 hours to complete, as I was fairly thorough, and I was emotionally destroyed when the experience had to end. It was beyond epic.

As a result of my undying love and adoration for Okami, I was extremely pleased when I heard that there was going to be a sequel on the Nintendo DS, and tried to keep up with all of the release date twists and turns. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I began to confidently believe that it would be released this year, some places say March 18th, and I felt the need to advertise that fact.

Watch the trailers for Okamiden, play the first game, do whatever you have to do, but don’t miss this. Okami was tragically underestimated, and I’m almost positive that it won’t be fair for it’s continuation to suffer the same undeserved fate.

Preorder a copy today.

Edited On 26 Jan, 2011

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