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Nintendad – Reporting and Ready for Duty

Oh, what it is to be a parent these days… either the government is telling you that you’re too well off when you’re living off mince and offal or they’re accusing you of letting them watch too much television/not enough television – it’s enough to drive you to drink, though I’ve always considered that I don’t need to be driven when I can get there under my own power. Thank goodness for the purity of Nintendo, in a huge nonsequiter of a link, to help me guide my littl’uns into the ways of righteous gameplay.

My oldest can already beat me soundly at bowling ALL the time – it’s only a matter of time before he hands me my posterior at  Mario Kart.

So to add a sense of meaning to my imminent humiliation at the hands of the next generation, I shall be blogging all the latest news reviews, views and regular butt wuppings at the hands of five year old on all things Nintendo. First, a little paean to the company that started life as a maker of collectible card games.

I never used to get Nintendo – I was a bit L33t15t about their cutesiness and family friendly characters – I never understood the appeal of plumbers, mushrooms, touchscreens, Wii Mes and the like. So, you wanna know what sold me on Nintendo?

Um. Vanity, really.

First the DS won me over with it’s Brain Training games – there’s something incredibly flattering about a game telling you that you have the brain of a 20 year old when you’re… let’s say more than 30. Then in double pronged attack at about the same time as my mind started going, my waist started growing. That’s when the Wii got me – have fun exercising in the comfort of your own home, monitor your weight and get flattered by a set of electronic scales. I lost a stone in the first year, and got regularly told I had the body of a 21 year old. Plus, I could get the kids involved without worrying about content or having to explain dual stick controls. That all comes later.

The DS and Wii are both so naturally intuitive – I hate to use the term ‘gateway console’, but using computers and consoles is inevitable, so best make that intro a good one.

Right. Intro over – more info next time.

Wii Fit

Shameless Nintendo Product Placement Inserted By Editor - Cheap Though!

Edited On 16 Oct, 2010

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