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OMG Zombies HD Review

With a well-timed re-release, OMG HD Zombies! manages to latch on the hype of the impending World War Z cinema release, offering what we come to expect from Zombie games, guns, lots of blood and various Zombies; but with an altogether different approach as an interesting blend of puzzle and action.

Following an outbreak in a “secure” facility some six months prior, thousands of Zombies now roam the streets of Redfield City; you are a member of the police Z-Team, left stranded and alone in the middle of the Zombie infested city after a mission goes horribly wrong, leaving your character, to battle his way through the numerous environments and try to get to safety.

The gameplay is very simple; using the touch screen (this can be a bit unresponsive) or the d-pad you move a rifle sight around, carefully picking your target and then fire, the general idea is to kill enough Zombies to proceed to the next area. Your character is always stationary and is able to snipe from a safe spot, giving you a bird’s eye view of the Zombie horde. Starting with only a few bullets you will only clear a few of the un-dead that block your way, enough to proceed but not enough to reach the good endings. With 100 levels spread across a tier system, each successful completion of a level will open up more levels, taking you from a beach retreat and city streets to a school yard and the epicentre of the outbreak and depending on how well you do you will earn medals which lead you through different endings, be it Zombie chowder or even gaining access to the compound to stop the un-dead menace once and for all.

The puzzle element lies within the Zombies themselves, as each one reacts differently to a bullet in the head, setting up potential chain reactions that hopefully, will clear the screen and even more money. Civilian Zombies are your run of the mill shufflers, shoot these and they will split in half, also damaging any other Zombies nearby and setting off chain reactions. You then have Bloated Zombies, fat versions of the civilians that burst, intestines causing plenty of peripheral damage. Cops and Soldier Zombies fire off their guns as they drop, Mortar Zombies explode with such ferocity their heads get thrown in the air, landing somewhere else on the level, Runner Zombies just do that before exploding, Bilious Zombies melt into a pool of acid, affecting any other Zombie that walks through it and Zapper Zombies fire out an arc of lightning, damaging whoever is unlucky to walk into it. It is the careful planning of your very limited ammo supplies that will help you get the best results. Telling each Zombie apart is quite easy as each class has a visual style however on the more busier levels, tapping the right shoulder button will cause the Zombies to glow in their associated colours, making it easier to separate your preferred target from the crowd. Once you have lined up your preferred shot you just then sit back and watch the chain counter rack up just how many you killed in a row, with bullets ricocheting all over the screen, acid spilling everywhere and generally, Zombies popping left right and centre.

Though earning the higher ranked medals is initially a struggle, with cash earned from bronzes you slowly build enough cash to spend on upgrading not only your rifle but even the Zombies, adding more bullets to the Soldier Zombies or making the Bloated Zombies explode with more ferocity, making the initially hard early levels that little but easier to platinum, which in turn will add more cash to the coffers for the later levels.

The art style is initially a little surprising for a HD Vita game, with a monochrome approach to visuals, but that then just paves the way for the grisly aftermath of your well placed shots, as the screen will soon be gushing brilliant red blood all over the screen, a tsunami of claret spreading across the screen if you place your shot well enough.

The 100 levels offer a decent challenge, especially when trying to platinum each one to get the most money and the best ending and then even when fully ranked up there are still some devilish situations that ultimately leave you with just one bullet and three zombies to try and dispose of. Though it did not take too long to compete and platinum all 100 levels there is also a Prestige mode that you can unlock, which resets the levels and your character, but in turn increases your score chances to earn higher ranks in the online leaderboards, but offers nothing else other than a trophy for doing this 20 times, I really enjoyed the game but that feels a little long winded.

OMG HD Zombies! Is the perfect quick play game for the Vita, giving Zombie fans plenty of blood and gore whilst also challenging players with a very addictive puzzle system that keeps you coming back for more.

Words by Ash Buchanan.
(Version Tested: PS Vita)


+ Original puzzle elements
+ Bloody visuals


- The Prestige mode is a bit of an anti-climax
- The touchscreen controls feel a little off and do not allow for pinpoint accuracy.

Edited On 21 Jun, 2013

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MARK 5 years ago
Top 10 on Metacritic. Nowhere near on Gamerankings. Don't they use the same scoring system? Something's definitely up here
ASC's avatar
ASC 5 years ago
because gamerankings inclues a 6.2 review that metacritic doesn't. That and that they are weighted averages and they won't apply the same weighting to specific review sites

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