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Review: Blood Drive (X360 / PS3)


Blood Drive (Xbox 360*, PlayStation 3)

Publisher / Developer: Activision / Sidhe

Blood Drive is set in a fictional casino city called Las Ruletas, A place that manages to deal with life’s little difficulties such as plagues of zombies, anarchy and of course money problems. Las Ruletas success lies with the drug cartels that manage a thriving tourism trade that’s headlined by the infamous “Blood Drive” tournaments, where your objectives are to get as many zombie kills, car wrecks and cross as many checkpoints as you can.

Blood Drive is an arena based game that’s basically broken down into six different events each with it’s own unique goal, which also means a unique strategy if youwant to win.  Most of your time will be spent mowing down zombies, if you were to think along the lines of a vehicular only based “Dead Rising” or “Left for Dead” killing fest with mounted weapon systems then you’d get the gist of Blood Drive. There are also several more traditional race type events where all you need to do in order to win is cross the finish line first, There are a few differences though because in Blood Drive races your opponents will quite happily try to take you out by shooting, lobbing grenades, laying mines, ramming or crushing you to ensure they win and you fail!

Checkpoint Mode: This is as the name suggests a race where you have to reach and pass thru the next checkpoint that’s been conveniently highlighted for you by a huge arrow in the time allotted, You also have a small amount of ammo in these levels so you’ll need to keep an eye out for weapons and repair pick-ups. One problem we found with these checkpoint races is that the maps are quite small, cluttered and confusing which means you may miss some of the checkpoints all together or end up in a confined dead end, But once you have played the same maps a few times you’ll soon get to know your way around them.

Demolition Derby: Is the vehicle combat mode where have to seek and destroy the other drivers with a variety of weapons that range from rail guns, machine guns, saw blades, fire, rockets and mines etc. or go old skool and take them out with you’re vehicle. As with all other modes keep an eye on weapons / ammo pick-ups as they are not seen as often as repair kits or boost refills.

King of the Skull: Is an elimination game where you’re goal is to grab and hold onto a golden skull for as long as possible while being targeted by other drivers.

Blood Drive has a fairly basic online multiplayer, By basic I mean that it only supports up to four players and to some games this would be a major downside, but if you play online with friends then it’s actually good fun.. Just simply choose an arena and game type and you’re off to cause as much car‘nage as possibe!!

At a first glance, Blood Drive does have it’s downsides and it certainly won’t win any prizes for being the most hyped or best advertised game of the year as this game has already slipped under the radar, but once you get into the game it’s actually good fun. Some of the cars handle quite well once you get a feel for them and some are just awful, So you’ll have to find out which ones you prefer for yourself. 

As with most arena games there’s an over enthusiastic announcer who’s job is to try and insert humour into the game and inspire you by shouting colourful expressions, and although at times he gets a bit repetitive it all adds to the gaming experience..

Blood Drive was released as a low price game (under £20) and as such it’s worth picking up playing..

Edited On 19 Dec, 2010

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