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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers - PlayStation 4

Age 12
In Police Simulator Patrol Officers you’ll walk the shoes of a police officer in a fictional American city of Brighton. At the very begging your responsibilities will be limited to simply giving out parking tickets and dealing with petty crimes, but as time passes and you perform your job well you’ll earn points and level up your police officer. Eventually, you’ll unlock new tasks and even your own patrol vehicle. By progressing your rank, you’ll unlock new city areas for you to work in where you'll face new crimes and perhaps even get an emergency call. The game allows to interact with any character; question them, ask about their ID and so on. You may even face a situation when you’ll need to grab your taser or even a gun!

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Begin with parking violations and work your way up to shouldering greater responsibilities. Be part of Brighton's community, get to know your neighborhood, and fulfill the daily duties of a police officer as you fight crime during your shift. Always be tough, but fair: respect the law and gain more experience to unlock more neighborhoods, districts, and duties!

•    A traffic system that organically creates traffic jams, accidents, speeding vehicles, and other traffic violations like running red lights and more.
•    Three districts, each home to several neighborhoods with their own unique flair.
•    A wide range of duties: from car accidents, parking violations, and emergency callouts to tracking down drug dealers and graffiti sprayers.
•    Place apprehended suspects in the back of your patrol car and deliver them to the precinct holding cells yourself.
•    Progress to unlock districts, cars, and new modes (Standard and Open Patrol).
•    Casual and Simulation game modes
•    Intuition system
•    Single and multiplayer modes

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