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Lost item

While the vast majority of orders arrive the following working day it's an unfortunate fact that occasionally parcels can be held up or lost in the post, which we have no control over. If your order has not yet arrived we ask that you please check the following before contacting us:
Has the item definitely been dispatched?
Please check the orders section of your ShopTo account. If the status is COMPLETED/DISPATCHED this means your package has been handed over to Royal Mail.
How long ago was the item sent?
We are regulated by Royal Mail's terms & conditions and they require a waiting time from dispatch of 15 WORKING DAYS for the UK, 28 WORKING DAYS for the EU and 40 WORKING DAYS for the rest of the world before you can make a lost parcel claim. We understand the frustration that a delayed or lost item can cause but unfortunately we cannot take any action until this time has passed.
Is the item at your local postal sorting office?
It's possible the postal service may be holding your package, especially if dispatched via Recorded/Signed For Delivery and they've been unable to deliver. Please contact your local postal sorting office to see if they have your order. UK customers can find their local sorting office by calling Royal Mail's automated delivery office information line on 0845 6050767. If your order has been sent, is past the lost parcel time frame for your region and you've contacted the postal service without success, please follow the instructions below. This straightforward system allows you to request either a replacement item (stock permitting) or a refund to your ShopTo account or credit card.

Terms and conditions

By completing the lost parcel claim form you agree that, If you knowingly receive your order or more than one copy of your order, falsify information on this form, or in any other way attempt to defraud of goods or money. You should understand that you will be in breach of the lost parcel agreement and be prosecutable under the Sale and supply of goods act 1994. You agree to be held liable for legal fees and a fine of up to £1000 and understand I will be banned from placing any future purchases with Please be aware you cannot submit a lost parcel claim form 6 months after the original date of dispatch.


If your order was shipped using Royal Mail, follow these simple steps to report a missing item:
  • Login to your account, and go to 'My Account'
  • Go to the 'My Orders' tab, and select 'Lost Parcel Claim' from the drop-down menu. This will take you to the Royal Mail Lost Parcel page.
  • On this page you will find lists showing your orders.
    • Orders available for you to report as missing are listed at the top of the page.
    • If you have already reported an order missing, you can view the status and additional options for your claim here.
    • If your order is either too new, or too old for you to report them missing, it will be listed at the bottom of the page.
  • When you have found the missing order, click 'Click To Report' and you will be taken to a lost parcel form for your order.
  • Before you continue with filling out your lost parcel report, you have to read the Shipping Terms and Conditions. The form page contains a link to the Terms & Conditions, information about the order you are reporting and a drop-down box which allows you to select what you want done about the missing item. Your choices are:
    • 'I want a replacement to be sent out' - select this if you want us to send out another copy of the missing item. You will not be charged for this, even if the item has changed in price since you placed your order.
    • 'I want a credit to my ShopTo account' - select this if you would prefer us to refund the original value of your order as credit which you can spend right away on items from ShopTo.
    • 'I want a refund to my card' - select this if you want us to refund the original value of your order to the payment method you used to place the order. If we cannot refund to the card or paypal account you used, we will refund the amount to your ShopTo account as store credit.
  • When you have chosen what you want us to do, you must tick the box to confirm that you agree to the terms, and that the information provided about your missing order is correct and complete. You can then click 'submit' to send your report to us.
  • When you click to submit, you will be forwarded to a new page which contains a form you must print out and sign to complete your report. This form will also be emailed to you.
  • After you print and sign this form, you have several options to send it to us. The simplest option is for you to scan it and submit it to us directly.
    • Print the form, sign it, and scan it into your computer as a .jpeg file. Make sure you know where you saved it.
    • If you do not have a scanner, you can instead take a picture of the form using a digital camera or camera phone. Please make sure that the order number and your signature are clearly visible.
    • Go to 'Lost Parcel Claims' in the orders section of your account
    • Go down to the list of existing claims and find the claim which corresponds to your form
    • Hit the 'browse' button and find the scan/photograph of your form.
    • Click 'upload' and your form will be sent to us. Please note: be careful to upload only the correct image showing your signed form, as an incorrect image may prevent your report being accepted!  
  • Alternatively, you can send the signed for to us by fax. Our fax number is: +44 (0) 1344 451 447 If no other option is available you can send the completed form by post to the address listed in the Contact Us page.
  • When we have received the completed and signed form, if there are no problems with the report we will dispatch your item or issue a refund per your request. If there is a problem we will contact you by email.