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Network Abuse


Why am I seeing the Maintenance/Error 403 page when I try to access the website?

We have measures in place to stop bots and scalpers from accessing our website if they refresh pages too often. This means that if you have been refreshing pages on the website a lot then our systems might have picked that up as a potential bot or scalper trying to access the website, and placed a temporary ban on that IP Address.

How long does this IP ban last?

Generally, the IP ban will last for around 48 hours however this could be extended if the network abuse is above a certain threshold.

How can I access the site if my IP has been banned?

If your IP has been banned try either using mobile data, or a different IP address to the one that has been banned when accessing the website.

How can I avoid having my IP address being banned?

To avoid having your IP address banned, refrain from refreshing the same page/pages multiple times in a short period of time.