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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Initial Thoughts
| 2019-10-31

The next big Nintendo exclusive is here! We’ve had a few recently and we’ve got even more to come but today, we’re taking a look at Luigi’s Mansion, the first game in a while to star everyone’s second favourite Mario brother! Yes, today is a pretty fitting day for the release of a spooky new Nintendo title and I've been playing it to grab you just some gameplay along with my initial thoughts! I've been quietly excited for this title as I was hoping it would be different enough from some of the other platformer-style Nintendo games we have had on the Switch recently and it looks so far like my wishes have been answered! So then, keep scrolling to see what I thought of the game and check out my Live First Play video just below for some gameplay!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 starts off as this happy adventure/holiday for the plumber and his mates, but things are not as they seem and that’s apparent as soon as you step foot into the hotel. This gives a pretty good false sense of security at the start of the game and one of the best timed and well thought out title cards I have seen in a game for a while now. As soon as Luigi heads to sleep then, things turn sour as you awake to Peach’s screaming and begin investigating what’s going on. You then find that the hotel is dark and creepy before being greeted by King Boo who has trapped Toads, Peach and Mario in picture frames. Luigi manages to escape down a laundry shoot and the game really beings here. The intro level is good and features a few small jump scares which instantly set it apart from most of the other safe Mario games. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nothing too scary as the game is rated for 7+ but if you’re not ready, they might give you a jump or two! Gameplay feels good and once you pick up the Poltergust, you can start to see where the game is going. Visuals are dark and gloomy but whilst the hotel was bright and nice, you got a glimpse at what the game is capable of so hopefully we will get some of those vibrant colours back further down the line. Controls are nice and simple and easy enough for even the most inexperienced gamer to get to grips with. The story is pretty Nintendo although its Luigi having to save the day this time around as opposed to Mario. You have to save the other characters and it looks like it might be a fun mission with some different gameplay along the way. Overall then, so far Luigi’s Mansion 3 is looking like yet another solid Nintendo title. I will be playing more over the coming week before formulating my review! Let me know your thoughts on the game down in the comments below and if you want to grab a copy, check out the product link at the foot of this article. Make sure to keep it ShopTo for all the latest gaming news, reviews competitions and more.

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