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PlayStation Plus Free Games For November Revealed
| 2019-10-31

So earlier we had the Xbox Live free games line-up for November but now its time to see what the reigning champions PlayStation are offering us next month! PlayStation have on a bit of a rampage in recent months, comfortably beating team green when it comes to free games and with the PlayStation having recently sold through over 100 Million consoles, hopefully we get a decent free games line-up to celebrate! Enough chit chat then, lets get straight into the free games! As usual, we are getting two PS4 titles and I’m delighted to report that both of them are huge! First up then we have Nioh, the action RPG which has recently had its sequel announced. This game reviewed very well when it launched back in 2017 and it went on to become a fan favourite! It was originally a PS4 exclusive, but I believe it launched on PC at some point too. This title is definitely worth a download and I will probably play it at some point in the future. Moving onto the second game and its one I have been waiting for, Outlast 2 finally comes to PS Plus! I remember completing the first game in one sitting after receiving it free with PS Plus and now, I can finally play through the sequel, maybe not in one sitting though. Just in time for hallo… oh wait, just in time for Guy Fawkes night, the tremendously scary Outlast 2 will be playable for free on PS4! Check out the trailer for this months games below:

Another stellar month from PlayStation then which once again, takes that all important ShopTo Best Free Games award! Congratulations Sony! Let me know your thoughts on these free games down in the comments below, what will you be downloading? Check out the link at the foot of this article to grab a PS Plus subscription and as always, make sure to keep it ShopTo for all the latest gaming news, reviews competitions and more.

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HARRISON 2019-11-02 02:20
Now that my PS+ sub is now cancelled, these games do not feel free now, as I need to pay at least £6 to play them again. I already have Nioh and Outlast 2 can be got for a fiver when on sale, so no need to resub atm Mad Max was just on sale for £8.99 so outright bought it instead of resubbing to plus. Also I just bought £35 worth of games at sales prices and none needed plus subscription to benefit awesome savings. If there is a game that is great value and worth subbing for or ps plus discounts give more than £5 off on games I want then I may sub a month again, but since PS3 (and Vita) games were pulled from the subscription and nothing to replace them, then the plus subscription is a waste of money. I have subscribed to PS NOW and that is better value, and a lot of games from PS+ are available with it.