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ShopTo News Gaming Discussion New Year’s Day 2019
| 2019-01-01

Good evening everyone and a Happy New Year! Yes 2019 is sadly here which means that the amazing year that was 2018 has come to a close. It was probably one of the best years for games in a long time and it brought countless new gamers into our community, its not all doom and gloom though as 2019 already has some insane games confirmed and I’m sure we will get another banging year of releases! So how did you all ring in the new year? I had a chill night in my flat with a few friends before getting up early this morning to do Uni work, how very exciting… You may have already seen our Games Releasing in January article that went up earlier and after reading this too, you’re probably thinking, nothings changed?! You would be somewhat right but don’t worry, changes will be coming, just most likely at the end of January as we figure out a few things for the news site. One thing I am going to be bringing back though is the discussion subjects that featured early last year as they used to get people commenting. You may also see some other discussion features returning as I aim to make them a more inviting place to come and hang out so make sure to check back every Monday. If you follow us on social media (which you totally should by the way) you may notice that we now individually write our Tweets and Facebook posts, these are going to become more frequent, especially for discussion articles as I’m also going to try and keep them alive for the week!


Discussion: What’s your new year’s gaming resolution?


Georges Answer: Whilst I’m entering a busy year in terms of University, I really want to set aside some time (probably after all my assignments) to go back and play some of the games on my list, even the older ones that ill have to pick up on PC. I also want to work on getting less frustrated by competitive games as I aim to mature further, I know it sounds childish but I do still throw my toys out the pram sometimes when I’m playing FIFA and whilst I’m far from the worst I've seen, I would still like to be more chill and get less salty!


Throwback Time

Whilst we once again don’t have any games releasing this week, we are instead going to take a look back an old video of ours. Todays video is the first video I produced in 2018 and saw me hop into Dissidia’s open beta. Needless to say, I wasn’t very good but I did enjoy this game and I wouldn’t be against going back to it at some point!


So there we go then, a slightly different look Discussion article! Make sure to leave your answer to this weeks subject down in the comments below. Also don’t be afraid to bring up any gaming news you see as we can discuss that down there too! Make sure to keep an eye out for my comments as the week goes on and this article evolves. Have a great week everyone!
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