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Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Soundtrack PC Download

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This is additional content for Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars, but does not include the base game.
Return to Nemire and enjoy the captivating and intense atmosphere of conflict among the mist-shrouded lands of the Dracul, the forsaken realms of the Nosfernus and the ice-covered plains of the Moroia. The original score for Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is composed and produced by Mats Lundgren and features the following songs:
1 An Eternal War (Main Title) 2:35
2 A Land Of Might And Blood 5:12
3 A Land Of Might And Death 5:12
4 A Land Of Might And Discipline 5:15
5 Blood of the Dracul 2:40
6 Swords of the Dracul 2:35
7 The Fangs of the Dracul 2:40
8 The Might of the Dracul 3:00
9 Ancient Empire 5:09
10 Creeping Death 5:00
11 Kingdom Of Rot 5:09
12 Lord of the dead 2:36
13 Rising dead 2:36
14 Spreading Plague 2:36
15 Unspeakable Terror 2:36
16 Ancient Power 4:41
17 Courts of the Moroia 5:05
18 Deceit and Magic 5:00
19 Ancient Magics 2:25
20 Arcane Might 2:33
21 Channeling Power 2:26
22 Power Unrivaled 2:33
23 Lands of Nemire 4:50
24 Uncharted 4:57
25 Unclaimed Lands 4:58
26 Battle in the lands 2:26
27 War in Nemire 2:34
ARTIST: Mats Lundgren
COMPOSER: Mats Lundgren
LABEL: Kalypso Media
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