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Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind
Steam Works

- New graphical style, with detailed and beautiful maps, including lots of new provinces.
- Play as any of the four major daimyo’s in Japan and vie for influence over the Emperor and control over the Shogunate.
- Enhanced diplomacy, with more options for alliances and peace negotiation.
- Dozens of new types of buildings, where you have greater control over the development of your provinces.
- More realistic development of trade, with control over strategic resources giving bonuses.
- Manage the internal factions in China to keep the Mandate of Heaven.
- Over 50 Achievements for players to unlock.

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At the demand of the devout fanbase, this is the 4th expansion of the classic historical strategy game Europa Universalis III. Enhancing every aspect of the game to create an even deeper and more rewarding experience.

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