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Giants Uprising
Steam Works


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- Unlimited destruction: crush everything standing in your way. If you see something - most likely you can flatten it! Feel the unrelenting force and sheer dominance!
- Huge battles: fight hundreds of infantry and their siege equipment or pick someone your size and clash with other bloodthirsty giants.
- Special abilities: pick your destiny and passive abilities to guide you in your journey.
- Challenges: every map has a set of challenges to be completed for a more demanding players looking for an extra challenge!
- Character customisation: cause mayhem with style! Customize your giant and soak your new clothes in blood.

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Giants Uprising is a medieval fantasy action adventure game full of Giants and unlimited destruction! Take on the role of a powerful Giant who finally breaks free from enslavement to seek revenge on the ruthless human race.

You probably have fought giants in other games and it was a challenging task but... How about playing as one?
In Giants Uprising you take control of big and very angry guy and noone should stand in your way.
YOU are the embodiment of revenge and havoc!

The ancient race of giants dwindles. Their wisdom is all but forgotten, powerful kings of old dead, and their once proud, great cities lie in ruin, slowly consumed by time and elements. Betrayed by humans - their former friends and allies - nowadays enslaved giants serve as workers and terrible machines of war, used by humans to expand their vast domains.
But the time of reckoning is nigh. As a runaway giant slave, accompanied by your fellow human convict, you will carry your wrath, anger and lust for revenge to the oppressor's settlements. Reclaim your right to freedom, find what happened with your enslaved kin, smash your enemies and be the spark of the Giant's Uprising!

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