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Horizon Zero Dawn - The Sacred Land Expansion

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Age 12
Horizon Zero Dawn - The Sacred Land Expansion - Most hunters don’t get the chance to enter Nora territory. Isolationist and insular, the Nora are fiercely protective of their home. Now, seize your chance to set foot on sacred land with The Sacred Land Expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game. Discover a brand new way to hunt as the Nora Trapper and Nora Scavenger, upgrading your hunters with unique new items and equipment as you prove your skills.

Hunt five new enemy types across wild new terrain tiles, learning how the unfamiliar land can help you hunt — or leave you vulnerable to the Redeye Watchers, Snapmaws, and Bellowbacks that stalk the wilderness. It might be a good idea to set some traps... With two new hunters to play as, five new enemy machine types to face, new encounters to test your skills, and unique new items and equipment to upgrade your hunters, The Sacred Land Expansion will add a fresh challenge to your Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game campaigns.

1 Nora Trapper miniature; 1 Nora Scavenger miniature; 4 Redeye Watcher miniatures; 2 Longlegs miniatures; 2 Stalker miniatures; 2 Snapmaw miniatures; 2 Bellowback miniatures; 6 Encounter tiles; 1 Rulebook; Plus all the cards you need to play;

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