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Super Zangyura - PlayStation 4

Age 12

Super Zangyura - Somewhere in the mountains of eastern Europe, a vampire called the Immortal Lord slept. He resurrected every century, and unearthly creatures roamed the ruins of his castle when the fated hour neared as if to welcome him, or so the rumours went. The fearful baron of the land saw that dark omen and called a family of demon hunters to slay the Immortal Lord again. However, the one who appeared in response was a girl, clad in a maid’s dress and armed with a morning star.

Originally released in 2004, Zangyura’s unique blend of puzzles and action has returned as a modernised remaster, Super Zangyura.

The music and visuals have been overhauled, but the simple yet satisfying old-school action has been kept intact!

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