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Fun Fun Animal Park - Switch

Age 3
Go wild in an exciting zoo full of fun multiplayer games! Play 30 different minigames, using Joy-Con motion controls to flip, twist and swish your way to victory against your friends.
FUN! FUN! Animal Park has 3 different gameplay modes:
•    Tour Mode: Players are guided through Animal Land and compete to find the champion.
•    One Match Mode: Compete in your favourite game.
•    Solo Mode: Work to break your own record and achieve the highest score.
Even if you aren’t playing, the game is as much fun to watch as it is to play.

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Go wild in an exciting zoo full of fun multiplayer games!

Play the Wildest Party Game Ever!
FUN! FUN! Animal Park offers players a roaringly delightful collection of 30 animal-themed minigames that promise fun (fun) for kids — and kids at heart — of all ages!

Play Your Way
FUN! FUN! Animal Park features three different gameplay modes: Tour Mode, One Match Mode, and Solo Mode.

Tour Mode
In Tour Mode, two players are guided through the whimsical Animal Land, competing in a series of matches and earning coins to determine the ultimate winner.
One Match Mode
In One Match Mode, players compete in one standalone round of their favorite minigame.
Solo Mode
Lastly, in Solo Mode, players can work to break their own records, playing on their own to achieve the highest score possible.

Fun for the Whole Family
The 30 unique minigames feature intuitive Joy-Con™ motion controls and easily understandable rules, allowing players of all ages and experience levels to join in on the fun.

Not Playing? Not a Problem!
From meerkats to pandas to penguins, FUN! FUN! Animal Park hosts a full menagerie of cute and cuddly animals that makes the game as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Funny Furry Friends
Adorable bunny and lion mascots help players learn the controls and rules of the minigames via an endless stream of hilarious conversation.

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