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Release Date: 29-08-2024
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Monster Jam Showdown - Switch

Age 3
Monster Jam Showdown - All the power of the  Monster Jam franchise is ready to land in your hands, with a new and groundbreaking off-road arcade experience. Get ready to race across three different biomes, and perform your best tricks driving the most iconic Monster Jam trucks ever. Show your skills across tons of different game modes in the a non-linear career mode, online, and in split screen. Only, with Monster Jam Showdown.

Perfect for Monster Jam fans and a must play for arcade racing gamers: Monster Jam Showdown is ready to bring you a vast and easy-to-access offroad racing challenge! Unleash the full 1500 horsepower of these 4-wheel beasts across 7 different racing-based game modes, squeezing your boost to gain even more speed while you crash, twist, and distress both your truck and the environment in a satisfying excess-based gameplay experience. 

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