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Sushi Bar Express

Age 3

Sushi Bar Express - Experience the dizzying life of a top-notch sushi chef as you prepare all manner of sushi dishes, serve hordes of demanding patrons, and build-up your menu by purchasing more recipes, to take with you to bigger and better restaurants.


Start a career as a sushi chef and absorb all the wise teachings of your master. Slice, dice, roll and hammer sushi, and then serve it to customers as quickly as you can. Make sashimi, roll uramaki, pour sake, and feed the hungry hordes to collect cash. Catch coins as they fly by and use the money you make to upgrade your equipment and purchase more recipes.


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The characters and tone of Sushi Bar Express are presented in a light-hearted and comical style, designed to appeal to all types of players - ranging from children to adults, and all genders. Whimsical humour offers a counterpoint to the manic plate-juggling gameplay and helps players to feel comfortable and entertained throughout the game.


  • Accessible for all Ages: Lively, engaging, and easy to play, anyone can become a sushi master-chef.
  • Lots of fast-paced levels in this exciting Time-Management cooking adventure.
  • New recipes to acquire from the shop with your earnings.
  • Plenty of upgrades and extras, including manek-neko lucky cats.
  • Set the highest score possible on the online ‘Monthly’ and ‘All-Time’ leaderboards.

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