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The Legend of Steel Empire - Nintedo Switch

Age 7
The Legend of Steel Empire - Mammoth battleships cruise the skies. Armoured locomotives carry cannons the size of railway cars. Invincible fortresses float in the air and military might rules the day. The Motorhead Empire has conquered and enslaved virtually the entire planet… Save the republic of Silverhead… You are the only hope! Enter one of the Striker airplanes or the Zeppelin with an aerial mine launcher and wage the war of the Steel Empire. Fire at enemies both in front and behind you and use bombs to take out targets on the ground. You also have the option to use devastating screen-clearing attacks if you ever happen to find yourself in a tight spot. Fight your way through seven complex stages full of well-balanced euro-shmup action, being challenged by exciting boss fights along the way. 

Steel Empire first launched in the golden age of shoot’em ups in the early 90’s for a 16-bit console and has since then been remade on portable consoles. The Legend of Steel Empire marks the latest entry in the series. This HD remaster is based on the PC game from a few years back, but there are additions: All graphics have been improved in high definition and the controls are reworked.

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