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Ambulance Life - Xbox Series X

Age 18
Ambulance Life: A Paramedic Simulator is the first simulation game in which you experience every aspect of a paramedic’s life. Your objective? Quickly reach the accident site at the wheel of your ambulance. Your mission? Take care of the injured and apply first aid. Each accident is different. It's up to you to adapt and make the right choices while being fast and efficient. You have devoted yourself to saving the lives of the people on the West Coast of the United States. The city is comprised of 4 diverse Districts containing a variety of environments, including historic quarters, the business districts, tourist areas and industrial zones. Each neighbourhood is different and can be the site of everyday accidents or major events. The citizens of Pelican City have daily habits and activities, any of which can lead to new types of incidents.

As soon as dispatch calls the alarm, you must race to your ambulance, turn on your siren, and race to the site of the accident as quickly as possible. It will take all your driving skills to navigate the crowded streets and find the best route. Time is of the essence! Once you reach the site of the accident, you must carefully analyse the situation to precisely determine the right treatment for each patient. Speak with them to learn about the circumstances of the accident and perform various necessary checks using the many instruments you have available and determine your initial diagnosis.


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