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Pokémon Sword and Shield Review
Nintendo are dominating the gaming industry at the moment with huge releases dropping every week for what is probably the best gaming system available at the moment.
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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Review
The Switch has been getting a lot of love from Nintendo recently and Mario and Sonic is the third of four big titles to drop on the platform in the last few months!
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
As I’m sure many of you know, Call of Duty is a franchise that I hold very close to my heart. It has given me many highly memorable experiences and it was pretty much solely responsible for getting me into gaming and for that, I am extremely grateful.
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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review
We’ve already had Ring Fit a few weeks back and we have some huge games still to come this year but today, we’re taking a look at Luigi’s Mansion 3, the spooky new ghostbusting title aiming to bring some new gameplay to the Switch.
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The Outer Worlds Review
Obsidian, having developed some of the older Fallout games already have a huge amount of experience within the genre so it comes as no surprise that The Outer Worlds is an awesome game.
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Ring Fit Adventure Review
Nintendo have an unmatched back catalogue when it comes to innovation and their latest attempt at revolutionising the industry deserves to sit proudly within that list.
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Ring Fit Adventure Initial Thoughts – This Is Incredible!
Everyone knows how successful Wii Fit was, everyone and their dog owned one and it was the first title to really bring exercise and gaming together!
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GRID Written Review
Codemaster’s are without a doubt, the most prolific dev studio when it comes to racers. They have so many highly rated and established franchises under their name and the GRID series is no exception.
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Borderlands 3 Written Review
So then, now release day has come and gone, I've gathered my thoughts on the game and broken them down into the usual few segments below so without any further ado, let’s see what I thought of the biggest game of the year so far, Borderlands 3!
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta Full Thoughts
When I heard then that the next title would be a return to where it all began for me, Modern Warfare, I was instantly excited to see what the pretty iconic team Infinity Ward reassembled for the project were going to produce.
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Wreckfest Written Review
In a period where we haven’t had a proper racer release in some time, up steps Wreckfest, a derby racer from a developer with an impressive back catalogue!
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Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of The Duelist Link Evolution Switch Review
Yu-Gi-Oh is a series that I played and watched a lot of when I was younger. Some of my favourite games of the DS and PSP generation were Yu-Gi-Oh games and It’s for this reason that I was really excited to play Legacy of The Duelist!
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Wolfenstein Youngblood Review
Youngblood feels a lot like the previous three Wolfenstein games and this is a good thing because those games have some of the most unique and fun shooting mechanics alongside some of the best action scenes I have ever witnessed.
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UK Gaming Chart Week 20 May 20th
Week 20 is here already and its time to take a look at how
the UK gaming charts line-up this time around. I'm expecting a more interesting
chart thi
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PlayStation Plus Free Games For May Revealed
After yesterday’s look at the Xbox Live Games with Gold
line-up for this month, its time to take a look at PlayStation’s free game
offering. PlaySta
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