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Fate/Samurai Remnant

Age 16
Fate/Samurai Remnant - A completely new “Fate” action RPG, set in Edo Japan, under the supervision of TYPE-MOON. Throughout the Fate franchise, pairs of masters and heroic spirits – also known as servants – have been fighting across history in a series of Holy Grail Wars, with the winning duo of receiving an ancient artifact that grants wishes. Fate/Samurai Remnant continues the series’ epic Holy Grail War in the fourth year of the Keian Era, Edo Period Japan. A battle between seven pairs of masters and servants is about to begin as the “Waxing Moon Ritual” unfolds in the shadows.

This is where the game’s hero, Miyamoto Iori, a young man in Asakusa, finds himself caught in the violence alongside his servant Saber as they fight to the last pair remaining in order to receive the granter of wishes, the “Waxing Moon Vessel”.
When facing enemies beyond human control, players will be able to instruct their servant to attack with powerful magical techniques, or even take direct control of the servant to attack the enemy swarm.

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