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RIG 300 White Headset - PlayStation 5

RIG 300 White Headset - Looking for a gaming headset that will help you take your performance to the next level? Look no further than the RIG 300 PRO HS Headset. Designed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, this exceptional headset delivers exceptional sound quality, comfort and durability. 

The RIG 300 PRO HS features 40mm drivers that deliver rich bass and clear treble, making it easy to identify enemy footsteps and direction. The ultra-lightweight frame is virtually indestructible, yet comfortable to wear during extended gaming sessions. The padded ear cups and headband provide additional comfort, while the discreet extendable boom microphone ensures clear communication with teammates. For added convenience, the RIG 300 PRO HS also features volume and mute controls.

The RIG 300 PRO series is available in three different variants; HS, HN and HX where HS is specially designed for Playstation 4/5, HN is for Nintendo Switch and HX is designed for Xbox Series/One.

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