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UK Gaming Chart Week 44 29/10/19
We’re just two days away from Halloween and there have been a few spooky occurrences in this weeks chart, how fitting eh? Anyway, we had several new games release last week so as you would expect, we have a pretty interesting chart this week!
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ShopTo Blog Gaming Discussion 29/10/19
Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! It was a bit of a mad one as we had both The Outer Worlds and COD Modern Warfare to be playing both of which are awesome new games!
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Initial Thoughts
After waiting for some agonising months since its reveal, playing the game during two separate pre-launch tests and reading so much about what could be the most important COD in years, we now finally have it!
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Dying Light x Left 4 Dead Crossover Incoming!
While this may not be the Left For Dead news that fans have been begging for, its news none the less and it comes in the form of a collaboration with one of the best Zombie titles in recent years!
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Ring Fit Adventure Review
Nintendo have an unmatched back catalogue when it comes to innovation and their latest attempt at revolutionising the industry deserves to sit proudly within that list.
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The Outer Worlds Is Nearly Here! Launch Trailer Released + Reviews Are In!
The Outer Worlds is a game you may not have heard much about, but my word does it have a lot of potential. The game has been developed by Obsidian, the team behind the smash hit Fallout New Vegas and is set to release this Friday!
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UK Gaming Chart Week 43 22/10/19
Its Tuesday, its midday its chart time! After we had a few big releases last week, the chart should be looking fairly fresh this time around but can anyone mount an attack on FIFA 20 at the top? Let’s find out!
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ShopTo Blog Gaming Discussion 22/10/19
Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! It’s a big week here on the ShopTo Blog as we have not one massive release, but two as Modern Warfare and The Outer Worlds are dropping at the end of the week!
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Ring Fit Adventure Initial Thoughts – This Is Incredible!
Everyone knows how successful Wii Fit was, everyone and their dog owned one and it was the first title to really bring exercise and gaming together!
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GRID Written Review
Codemaster’s are without a doubt, the most prolific dev studio when it comes to racers. They have so many highly rated and established franchises under their name and the GRID series is no exception.
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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Now Live – Huge New Update!
Just as Fortnite was starting to get a little stale, Epic have pulled off one of the most memorable events in gaming history as they transition the game into “Chapter 2"!
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UK Gaming Chart Week 42 15/10/19
It’s the start of the week, (kind of), its time to take a look at the latest UK gaming chart from the good old guys at Ukie!
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ShopTo News Gaming Discussion 15/10/19
Good afternoon everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s the start of yet another week with even more big releases to get excited about!
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GRID Initial Thoughts
Codemasters are legends within the racing genre and they’ve been making cracking games for years now. One of those games was GRID, a racer which sort of took the genre by storm and quality became one of the biggest racers available!
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Spec Ops Trailer + More News!
We have had a plethora of new Modern Warfare news over these past few days. From e-Sports to new features, we’re going to cover all the talking points in this article!
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